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Friday & Saturday from 10pm

We dim the lights, bring out the candles and
play music to suit your mood.

Peterborough city centre’s Cowgate is already home to a number of restaurants, a pub and a dessert lounge, but late night revellers are now able to enjoy our wine and cocktail bar. It’s clear that people like the feel of our restaurant and particularly towards the end of the week, like to take time over another glass of wine or a cocktail – So on Friday and Saturday evenings when our kitchen closes for the night, we clear the tables, dim the lights and transform in to a wine and cocktail bar. We already offer a fabulous selection of Italian wines available by the glass or bottle, some imported straight from an independent vineyard in Benevento in the country’s south and a great range of cocktails within our comprehensive drinks menu, so we have everything we need.

“There are a great many diners in Peterborough city centre, not just at The Pizza Parlour, who want to enjoy a last drink or two but not necessarily in a pub or club. Our evening wine and cocktail bar fills that gap, providing a fun and safe environment for legal drinkers of all ages.”

Open to non-diners, The Pizza Parlour & Music Café will also offer small plates (spuntino – Italy’s equivalent of Spanish tapas) for customers to enjoy.

Vini e Birre

Served as 125ml / 250ml or Bottle

House White –  £2.70 / £5.20 / £13.95

Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc –  £3.00 / £5.50 / £14.95

Alma Andina Torrontes –  £3.20 / £6.00 / £15.50

Ca’Vescovo Pinot Grigio –  £3.40 / £6.50 / £15.95

La Belle Saison Sauvignon –  £3.60 / £6.90 / £16.00

Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc –  £16.50

Villa Broglia Gavi di Gavi –  £16.95

 Brightwater Riesling –  £17.50

Domaine Daniel Reverdy Sancerre –  £17.95

Served as 125ml / 250ml or Bottle

House Red –  £2.70 / £5.20 / £13.95

Collezione di Paolo Chianti –  £3.00 / £5.50 / £14.95

Los Rosales Don Manuel –  £3.20 / £6.00 / £15.50

Pillastro Primitivo Puglia –  £3.40 / £6.50 / £15.95

Farnese Montepulciano –  £16.50

Inca Tree Yaguarete Collection Malbec –  £16.95

La Fonte D’Oro Puglia Negromara –  £17.95

Served as 125ml / 250ml or Bottle

House Rosé –  £2.70 / £5.20 / £13.95

Manera Rosato –  £3.00 / £5.50 / £14.95

Pillastro Rosato –  £15.95

Served as 250ml or Bottle

Fili Prosecco –  £5.50 / £24.95

Veuve Clicquot –  £55.00

Peroni Nastro Azzurro (small) –  £3.50

Peroni Nastro Azzurro (large) –  £5.95

Peroni Red Label (small) –  £3.50

Moretti (small) –  £3.50

Moretti (large) –  £5.95

Kopparberg: mixed fruit-  £3.50

Stella Artois Cidre –  £3.50

Budweiser –  £3.50 Becks

Blue Alcohol-Free –  £3.50

A selection of soft drinks available, please ask the server


Cosmopolitan –  vodka, lime, cranberry & orange liqueur

Mojito –  white rum, lime, mint, sugar and soda

Daiquiri –  white rum, lime and sugar

Kir Royale –  prosecco and crème de cassis

Bellini –  prosecco and peach purée

Aperol Sprit –  prosecco, aperol and soda

Margarita –  tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice

Sours –  (amaretto, brandy or whiskey) sugar syrup, lime & lemon juice and your choice of flavouring.

Alabammer Slammer –  amaretto, cranberry and lime

Martini Cocktails: Porn Star –  passion fruit, vanilla, vodka and lime

Vespa –  vodka, gin and vermouth

Espresso –  espresso and vodka

Strawberry –  strawberry and vodka

Miss Pisa –  hazelnut liqueur, Irish cream coffee, liqueur and cream

Nutty Scotsman –   amaretto, whiskey and apple juice

Passion Nut –  amaretto, passion fruit, white rum, cranberry & orange juice

Zander Bite –  vodka, peach and blackcurrant

Frozen Daiquiri –  (lime, passion fruit or strawberry): white rum with your choice of flavouring

Long Island Iced Tea –  (or cranberry option): vodka, white rum, tequila, triplesec, lime and coca cola

Mint Lemonade –  lemonade, lime wedge and fresh mint
Berry Smash –  berry purée, lemon, apple and honey
Apple Mojito –  apple, soda, lime, fresh mint and sugar
Irish, Tia Maria, Amaretto


Ciabatta (v) –  with dipping oil: extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & lemon juice –  £2.75
Olive Miste Calde (v) –  warm mixed olives  –  £3.75
Pepperoni Caldi   warm pepperoni –  £3.75
Pane All’Aglio (v) –  garlic bread: sourdough pizza base, garlic butter –  £3.75
Pane All’Aglio Con Formaggio (v) –  as above with cheese –  £3.95
Tris Di Bruschetta (v) – a trio of ciabatta bruschetta with tomato & basil –  £5.25
Patate Fritte* (v) –  chips with rosemary, fennel & sea salt –  £3.75
Sweet potato fries* (v) – with cracked black pepper –  £3.50
* cooked in rapeseed oil
Affettato Misto  Platter of Milano & Napoli salami, Pecorino & Provolone cheeses served with marinated vegetables and baked ciabatta
Cheeseboard –  (v option available) Selection of cheeses, caramelised red onion & crisp flatbread
Stone milled flour is used to make our unique sourdough, which is slow fermented for up to 72 hours. When it hits our 500 degree traditional wood burning oven, the intense heat chars the base and shapes a crisp cornicione (edge) locking in moisture to give a soft and easily digestible crust.

Margherita – (v) cheese & tomato £6.75
Piccante –  pepperoni £8.00
Vegetariana –  (v) red onion, black olives, sweet peppers & mushrooms £7.75
Quattro Staggione –  ham, mushrooms, black olives & anchovies £8.45
Bee Sting –  soppressatta (salami with pepper), chilli and olives all drizzled with honey £8.75
Boscaiola –  Italian sausage, ham, rocket & Parmigiano shavings £9.25

Additional toppings (each) –  £1.30

Sorpresa alla Nutella – A Nutella filled calzone pizza with ice-cream & sauce – £6.25
La Dolce Pizza  -A pizza base covered with fruits of the forest, ice-cream, sauce and a liqueur flambé – £6.95